About Us

Clear Learning Network is a boutique styled Training Business delivering Soft Skills courses in a face to face training environment.

Clear Learning Network is diligent in its compliance with both Qld and Australian Covid-19 Legislative and Executive requirements and directives.

Clear Learning Network was created to fill a gap in the Soft Skills training environment. Our Trainers at Clear Learning Network cater for a variety of learning requirements and deliver our courses in a blended learning environment. Some students enjoy the ‘lecture’ style delivery from a trainer or teacher, while others do best with note taking and the recording of notes and summaries from PowerPoint slides and visual displays. Others may rely solely on their own recollections or handouts distributed during the training sessions. Many older students rely upon the ‘doing is learning’ process and gain their knowledge, understanding and skills by undertaking class interactions through role play, group discussions, questions and answers and ‘story telling’ techniques.

It is the Story Telling technique that is so favoured by many countries First Nations Peoples, including our own indigenous people. ‘Story Telling’ training uses everyday activities, behaviours and events, things that are familiar to the students, to which they can clearly imagine, understand and relate to. Much like parables in the bible, or the songs and dances of the American Indians or the Canadian Inuits, story telling training uses the culture, folklore or ancestoral explanations to demonstrate why something is done or achieved in a particular way. The Dream Time and the ceremonial corroborees provided the means by which Australian Indigenous people’s taught their children from one generation to the next.

Clear Learning Network employs a number of blended learning techniques to cater to the needs of our students. These blended learning techniques, along with the opportunity to ask questions, and receive answers, provides a far more rewarding, and satisfying, Soft Skills training experience.

Clear Learning Network understands that training is not cheap. Those individuals who subscribe to the CLN courses can not afford to be short changed in their pursuit of acquiring valuable Workplace Interrelationship Skills (Soft Skills). Employers likewise need to know that their Staff members are receiving the very best in face to face training, maximised by useful and appropriate training resources. While many look to the convenience, and budget prices, of online training, they are being short changed in the long run. With Clear Learning Network, you get what you pay for. We at CLN admit that there is an element of ‘Old School’ in our training delivery . But then, sometimes there is no substitute for quality.