About Us

Clear Learning Network is a boutique styled short course training business. It was borne out of the recognized need for the provision of Soft Skills training to employees of Private Business, Government Departments and Community Service organisations throughout Queensland. Clear Learning Network is now establishing itself in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas in association with our partner company, Soft Skills Solutions.

We employ a small but dedicated and committed Training Staff. Our Trainers have a wealth of knowledge, skill, qualifications and experience to provide the highest standards of Training, Instruction, Mentoring and Support to our Client Students. 

Clear Learning Network operates in partnership with Soft Skills Solutions (www.softskillssolutions.com.au ). Soft Skills Solutions is also a provider of workplace interrelationship behavior skills training, and services Brisbane and the South East Queensland area. 

Clear Learning Network in association with Soft Skills Solutions understands the importance of 'soft skills' being part of every employee's professional development strategy. Society now lives, and works, in a digital environment. This has resulted in the ongoing need for all employees to ensure that they have a high level of workplace interrelationship communication skills to enable them to maintain employment in a rapidly changing work environment. Workplace Communications, Time Management, Conflict Resolution and Client Service Delivery are but a few of the skills that current and emerging employees are expected to have. 

Both Clear Learning Network and Soft Skills Solutions are committed to providing the training and instruction required for the workplaces of the future. 

As a result of our partnership with Soft Skills Solutions, Clear Learning Network has now introduced its first course into Brisbane. 'Women in Leadership' along with similar courses and workshops will be offered to younger woman who are looking to develop their understanding of Female Leadership, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Developing New Managers, Employee Recognition and other Human Resource Management skills. Clear Learning Network is the go to 'face to face' soft skills instruction business that will prepare younger women for Leadership success. 

The Trainers and Mentors working for Clear Learning Network will themselves be engaged within the Brisbane and the South East Region as well as Queensland's Rural and Regional Communities. They are experienced as Managers from various Government Departments and Small Business enterprises throughout Queensland. They also know and understand the importance of face to face soft skills instruction and personal engagement with all Queensland workers. It is this knowledge and understanding that sets Clear Learning Network, and Soft Skills Solutions, apart from other training providers. We look forward to building successful relationships with you, to ensure that you receive the same soft skills learning opportunities no matter where you live or work in Queensland.