Terms and Conditions

Course Availability
Course availability disclaimer
We reserve the right to change information or material on the website at any time without notice including, but not limited to, details relating to courses, admissions, fees, products and services.
We reserve the right to vary the courses offered including, without limitation, variations to the course content, discontinuation of the course, change of facilitator, the delivery mode or method of assessment. We may discontinue, vary or make unavailable programs and courses at any time without notice.

Course Enrollment
These terms of use outline relevant information to guide your enrollment with Clear Learning Network. If you decide to enroll, we will provide you with information that sets out in further details the terms and conditions that you must adhere to as a client of Clear Learning Network.

Enrolling in a course
You may register to enroll in a course through our online enrollment system. We will ask you to supply personal information and it is your responsibility to ensure this information is true and correct. We will not be able to complete your enrollment, process your payment, award you a qualification or deliver course materials to you if your details are not correct.

Registered Client
When you enroll in a course, you will be required to register using the Clear Learning Network Course Registration Form, you:
• will provide accurate, complete and current information.
• will cooperate fully with us to investigate any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity on your course registration;
• will immediately contact us if you believe that your information may have be subject to an unauthorized transaction, account takeover or other type of fraudulent activity or security breach; and
• agree to receive regular newsletters and other communication from us. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting Clear Learning Network through the use of the Contact Us website email or by phoning Clear Learning Network directly.

The prices for the courses and other products as quoted on our website are in Australian dollars.
If you are a company or corporate client, we will issue an Invoice when a minimum of 6 Clients have Registered for the course, unless prior arrangements have been agreed.
If you are an individual, an Invoice will be issued when a minimum of 6 Clients have Registered for the course, unless prior arrangements have been agreed.

Payment Gateway
If you book a course or purchase a product / service through our website, we will process your payment using a reputable payment gateway. Reputable payment gateways process online credit card transactions for thousands of Australian merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet.
All online credit card transactions performed on this site using the nominated payment gateway are secured payments. Payments are fully automated with an immediate response. Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by us, or any outside party. All transactions are performed under secure methods, including SSL certificates.
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
All products and services purchased from us are subject to GST.

Cancellations and Refunds
If you wish to withdraw from a course and apply for a refund, you must provide us notice in writing to info@clearlearningnetwork.com.au and we will let you know what information is required.
Refunds are given in the following circumstances:
• 100% refund of fees paid (less cancellation fee): cancellation up to and including 28 days prior to the commencement of the course;
• 50% refund of fees paid (less cancellation fee): cancellation up to and including 14 days prior to the commencement of the course;
• No refund: cancellation 7 days or less from the course commencement date/
We are unable to offer a refund after a course has commenced or if you fail to attend class.

Cancellation Fee
If you cancel or withdraw from a course, or transfer to another course, we will charge a $150 cancellation fee that covers administration costs of processing the cancellation or transfer. Due to the minimum requirement of 6 Registered Candidates,  Clear Learning Network Staff will make every effort to ensure minimum attendants to guarantee that the course will proceed. 
If, for any reason, Clear Learning Network has to cancel a course, we will provide a full refund of fees paid. If we cancel a course and you prefer to be transferred to a later course offered, we will  do this at no additional cost.
In the event that a client is suspended from attending a course for any reason, no refund will be paid.

Transfers and Amendment to Enrollment
We encourage clients to amend their enrollment rather than cancel from a course. We permit the following transfers provided you give us at least two weeks of written notice before the commencement date of the course and pay the cancellation fee:
• Change course date: clients may transfer to another course date or be placed on a waiting list for an upcoming course;
• Change course: clients may transfer to a different course and pay any difference in course fees;
• Transfer to another client: clients may transfer their enrollment to someone else. No administration fee for transferring to another client will apply. Client to Client transfers can be undertaken up to the morning of the commencement of the Course.

We reserve the right to suspend any client where we have been provided with proven allegations or other evidence that the client is involved in any behavior that could be considered harassment, vilification, bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination or which interferes in or disrupts the learning of others.
You agree to comply with all instructions of Clear Learning Network and its facilitators at all times.
In the event that a client is suspended, no refund of course fees will be made.

Course Acceptance
We reserve the right to accept or reject, in our sole discretion, any registration that we receive.
If we accept your enrollment, we will notify you in writing. If we reject your enrollment for any reason, we will notify you in writing and no invoice will be issued or a refund any fees paid within seven (7) working days.

Course Attendance
Course attendance in person is paramount to successful completion of learning and session assessment outcomes. Full attendance at the course is expected and attendance records will be kept.

Course Delivery
Courses will be conducted over a 1 day or 2 day period. Each day will be consisting of 8 hours duration. The Course duration’s will be displayed in the Locations Page and in the Course Registration Page.
Depending on the nature of the course and the needs of the clients, courses will be taught in any one or more of the following manners, depending on availability:
• in a face-to-face classroom environment;
• in a face-to-face workplace based environment;
Our training sessions are designed to provide clients with the essential skills and knowledge in applying the functional aspects of the course. It is expected that clients will undertake additional reading and research to further their learning.

Course Material
Course material will be provided upon payment for your enrollment in a course. For face-to-face classroom environments or workplace-based environments, we will supply digital copies of course materials on USB and supply hard copies of all relevant course material upon attendance at your first class.

Assessments / Reviews.
Courses may include end of session reviews. These are undertaken within the cohort environment of the course. If you anticipate difficulty in participating in such session reviews you should discuss it with your facilitator at the commencement of the course.

Issuing of Qualification
Upon satisfactory completion of a course, including all reviews and activities required by the course, a certificate of completion/attainment shall be issued to the client.