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Farm Security and Incursion Response

Currently Clear Leaning Network is developing a Farm Security and Incursion Response  Workshop.

This workshop has been developed to meet the needs of Producers, Processors and Supply Chain businesses in dealing with the threats posed by various Community Protesters, Demonstrators and Activists.

Included is the current activities of the Animal Rights Movement along with the radical or extremists of the Vegan movement.

The main issue as it now stands is that the Owners, Managers and Employees of Producers, Processors and Supply Chain businesses have a ‘need to know’ how they are expected to react to incursions onto their businesses by Activist groups.

In effect everyone has a common sense approach to reacting to an incursion but they require accurate and credible information and intelligence so that they have a peace of mind in knowing that the Staff and Employees, their livestock and assets and resources have been prepared to their best ability and will contribute to the ongoing health and welfare of their businesses, as well as those who are engaged in an incursion. Remember a premise is still responsible for the provision of appropriate Workplace and Health and Safety conditions to ALL persons who are on the property or premises.

Clear Learning network has drawn on the international academic research (Dr Jeffery Green, Portsmouth University and Sheffield University) as well as the background intelligence of the FBI and the Metropolitan Police (London). Clear Learning Network has been in contact with producer and farmer organisations in Texas and California as to how their members have managed protest incursions over a period of 40 – 50  years. The ‘Lessons’ Learnt’ from all of these organisations and associations have gone a long way to develop the Preparation, Response and Recovery Plans in the face of ongoing Animal Rights activities.

The most important aspects of the CLN Farm Security and Incursion Response Workshops are the development of Risk Matrix, Response Matrix and Recovery Matrix documentation. These documents form the foundation of how to undertake the operational planning in anticipation of an incursion. The Facilitators of the CLN Workshops will work with Course attendees to develop the draft documents upon which they can cater for the individual needs of each business.

Clear Learning Network has been fortunate in gaining access to and assistance from National and International Authorities in the development of these workshops. But it is the depth of knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience that the Workshop Facilitators bring to the table.

Clear Learning Network has engaged a number of retired Senior Detectives from the Qld Police Stock Investigation Squads. These Officers have the knowledge and understanding of the Police Operational Strategies. While not at liberty to discuss the specifics of Police Operational activities they are never the less in a position to reassure workshop attendees of the concerns they may have regarding law enforcement response to these incursions and ultimately the enforcement of the law in any cases of unlawful activities.